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Time in Australia

Australian continent stretches out over three time zones. Because Australia is situated west to the International Date Line, it is ahead of time compared to most other countries of the world. The proper names of Australia's time zones are: Australian Western Standard Time - UTC+08 (AWST), Australian Central Standard Time - UTC+09:30 (ACST), and Australian Eastern Standard Time - UTC+10:00 (AEST).

Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)

Covers the eastern states of Queensland, New South Wales (with the exception of the town of Broken Hill), Victoria, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory.
AEST is equal to Coordinated Universal Time plus 10 hours (UTC +10).

Australian Central Standard Time (ACST)

Covers the state of South Australia, the town of Broken Hill in western New South Wales and the Northern Territory.
ACST is equal to Coordinated Universal Time plus 9 ½ hours (UTC +9 ½).

Australian Western Standard Time (AWST)

Covers Western Australia.
AWST is equal to Coordinated Universal Time plus 8 hours (UTC +8).

Daylight Saving Time in Australia

Daylight Saving Time is the practice of advancing clocks one hour during the summer months of the year. New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia observe DST every year. This has resulted in three time zones becoming five during the daylight-saving period, so Australia has both horizontal and vertical time zones in summer. South Australia time becomes UTC+10:30, called Central Summer Time (CST) or Central Daylight Time (CDT), possibly with "Australia" prefixed (ACST or ACDT). The time in the southeastern states become UTC+11, using "Eastern" in the time zone name rather than "Central", with the abbreviations being EST, EDT, AEST, or AEDT.

Daylight Saving Time begins at 2am (AEST) on the first Sunday in October and ends at 2am (AEST) (which is 3am Australian Eastern Daylight Time) on the first Sunday in April.

When Daylight Saving Time is observed:
AEST becomes Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT), and clocks are advanced to UTC +11.
ACST becomes Australian Central Daylight Time (ACDT), and clocks are advanced to UTC +10 ½.
Daylight Saving Time is not observed in Queensland, the Northern Territory or Western Australia.

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