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Who we are

24timezones is a set of different services providing people with extremely precise information on the current time around the world to organize their business trips, online meetings, events and travel.


The mission of 24timezones is to help people use their time efficiently.


We provide relevant high-quality information on the time around the globe and precise maps that influence the way people manage their business time, meetings and travels.

Our values

Only trustworthy information

We use only officially approved and reliable sources.

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No world locations neglected

We have maps and time information for almost any town.

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User experience first

Easy-to-use tools for anyone of any age.

Why we are trusted by millions of users around the world

We use reliable sources

  1. Geonames database to have a complete list of all locations in the world.
  2. IANA time zones database provides us with the most reliable information on time.
  3. The World Factbook for the layout of the regional and world maps.

The Internet Engineering Task Force Open Standards Organization (IETF), which develops and promotes voluntary Internet standards, confirms we are using up to date databases. IANA mentions us among the most reliable sources of information about time zones and daylight savings.

Our clock widgets are used by international organizations

UNESCO, DHL, the embassy of Finland, WhatsApp, and Oracle all use our data and widgets.

We have a community of users

Our data is regularly used and shared on social networks during football matches and Olympic Games, professional forums to unite people around international events.

Using our world clock, journalists from the Guardian explain why they have decided to drop most references to "today", "tomorrow", "yesterday", "tonight" and so on from reports.

People are using our service to let their followers know when a show begins according to their time or to set server time in Joomla — whenever there is a need to coordinate people from different locations around the world.

Press about us

Being a well-known world clock service, we are featured by such media as The Guardian, BusinessInsider, Microsoft News, and many others.

We are constantly gathering feedback

Our users often help us improve. Our website was translated into many languages thanks to a crowdfunding project we launched in 2007. Users also recommend ways we could improve our website experience and translations. Our users are a part of our team and we’re proud of it!

How we were created

We were founded in 2005 by a couple of friends who owned a web-studio called Futurevision.

They decided they wanted to create a meaningful project — not for one of their clients, but for themselves. While working with several partners around the world, they faced a common challenge of setting up meetings across different time zones, so they decided to create their own service which would help people to check what time is it in different cities and countries.

That’s how 24timezones was born. A simple design and good website performance were among our top priorities.
Our service is constantly developing:

We appreciate your ideas and thoughts on our project. Please share them here.

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