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Current UTC-4 time


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UTC-4 timing

UTC-04 is a time offset that subtracts 4 hours from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

It is observed in the AMT, AST, BOT, CLT, COST, FKT, GYT, PYT, VET during standard time, and in the CDT, EDT during the other months (Daylight saving time).

Some locations use it year-round.


Time difference to GMT/UTC

-4 hours behind

Time zones with UTC-4

Abbreviation Name
AMT Amazon Time
AST Atlantic Standard Time
BOT Bolivia Time
CDT Cuba Daylight Time
CLT Chile Standard Time
COST Colombia Summer Time
EDT Eastern Daylight Time
FKT Falkland Islands Time
GYT Guyana Time
PYT Paraguay Time
VET Venezuelan Standard Time

Iana Timezones where UTC-4 is currently observed

America/Anguilla America/Antigua
America/Aruba America/Asuncion
America/Barbados America/Blanc-Sablon
America/Boa_Vista America/Campo_Grande
America/Caracas America/Cuiaba
America/Curacao America/Detroit
America/Dominica America/Grand_Turk
America/Grenada America/Guadeloupe
America/Guyana America/Havana
America/Indiana/Indianapolis America/Indiana/Marengo
America/Indiana/Petersburg America/Indiana/Vevay
America/Indiana/Vincennes America/Indiana/Winamac
America/Iqaluit America/Kentucky/Louisville
America/Kentucky/Monticello America/Kralendijk
America/La_Paz America/Lower_Princes
America/Manaus America/Marigot
America/Martinique America/Montserrat
America/Nassau America/New_York
America/Port-au-Prince America/Port_of_Spain
America/Porto_Velho America/Puerto_Rico
America/Santiago America/Santo_Domingo
America/St_Barthelemy America/St_Kitts
America/St_Lucia America/St_Thomas
America/St_Vincent America/Toronto

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