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Sunday, January 26, 2020


UTC-3 timing

UTC-03 is a time offset that subtracts 3 hours from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

It is observed in the ART, BRT, FKST, GFT, PMST, ROTT, SRT, UYT, WGST during standard time, and in the ADT, AMST, CLST, PYST during the other months (Daylight saving time).

Some locations use it year-round.


Time difference to GMT/UTC

-3 hours behind

Time zones with UTC-3

Abbreviation Name
ADT Atlantic Daylight Time
AMST Amazon Summer Time
ART Argentina Time
BRT Brasilia Time
CLST Chile Summer Time
FKST Falkland Islands Summer Time
GFT French Guiana Time
PMST Saint Pierre and Miquelon Standard Time
PYST Paraguay Summer Time
ROTT Rothera Research Station Time
SRT Suriname Time
UYT Uruguay Standard Time
WGST West Greenland Time

Iana Timezones where UTC-3 is currently observed

America/Araguaina America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires
America/Argentina/Catamarca America/Argentina/Cordoba
America/Argentina/Jujuy America/Argentina/La_Rioja
America/Argentina/Mendoza America/Argentina/Rio_Gallegos
America/Argentina/Salta America/Argentina/San_Juan
America/Argentina/San_Luis America/Argentina/Tucuman
America/Argentina/Ushuaia America/Asuncion
America/Bahia America/Belem
America/Cayenne America/Fortaleza
America/Godthab America/Maceio
America/Miquelon America/Montevideo
America/Paramaribo America/Punta_Arenas
America/Recife America/Santarem
America/Santiago America/Sao_Paulo
Antarctica/Palmer Antarctica/Rothera

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